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Student Involvement & Activities

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Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) serves as the coordinating and central planning body for students and as the principal medium for addressing student concerns at the campus level.  The Student Government Association plans and implements Midway University extracurricular activities, promotes the welfare of every student, ensures high ideals and conduct, and fosters a spirit of cooperation amongst faculty, administration, and the student body. All Midway University students are invited to attend SGA meetings and events.  SGA meetings will be announced via the My Midway Portal. More details on the role and purpose of SGA can be found in the SGA Constitution.

Registered Student Organizations

A student organization wishing to use Midway University’s facilities or property, to use the university’s name, or to solicit membership or raise funds on campus must be recognized by the university. Newly formed groups may request recognition at any time during the school year and may hold two meetings on campus for organizational purposes prior to being approved as recognized student organizations. Guidelines for registered student organizations can be found in the Student Organization Manual.

List of student organizations that are recognized by Midway University and are eligible for SGA funding or receive institutional funding:

Alpha Lambda Delta

Advisor: Dr. Carrie Christensen, ext. 5779. Alpha Lambda Delta is a nationally recognized honor society for high achieving first year students.

Art Guild

Advisor: TBD. This organization looks to promote a growing appreciation for art in our community and in our university. It encourages development for creativity and a passion for all genres of art.

Eagle Outreach

Advisor: Tracy Spotts, ext. 5399. Eagle Outreach is a service-oriented organization for students who have a passion for helping people. By identifying the needs of our local community, the organization helps forge a connection between the university and surrounding areas.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Advisor: TBD, ext. 5390. Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ mission is to lead every coach and athlete into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. FCA’s values focus on how relationships will demonstrate a steadfast commitment to Jesus Christ and His Word through integrity, serving, teamwork and excellence.

Gamma Beta Phi (GBP)

Advisor: TBD. Gamma Beta Phi Society is a national honors and service society. With watchwords of service, scholarship, and character, GBP aims to broaden members’ academic and philanthropic lives so that they may graduate, ready to make a difference in the world.

Habitat for Humanity

Advisor:TBD  This organization partners with Scott County Habitat for Humanity to put God’s love of people and service into action. It brings people together to build homes, communities, and hope for those in need.


Advisors: Gina De Arth Pendley, ext. 5745. LGBT+ works to provide a safe space for everyone, including those in the LGBT+ community. It spreads positivity, awareness, support, information, resources and much more regarding LGBT+ topics.

Midway Association of Nursing Students (MANS)

Advisor:TBD. M.A.N.S. is a pre-professional organization of nursing students. The purposes of the organization are to provide support and encouragement for nursing students, and to encourage participation in health-related events at the University. Membership is open to all nursing and pre-nursing students at Midway.

Midway Horse Association (MHA)

Advisors:  Stephanie Keely, Ext. 5877. This is an organization that promotes interest in equine-related industries, recreational activities to both equine and non-equine students, and academic and social interaction between students and faculty.

Psychology Club

Advisor: Dr. Edie McClellan, ext. 5304. This club is designed for psychology majors and minors and other students interested in the behavioral sciences. The club members organize a community service project each semester, participate in regional psychology conferences, and host speakers and informational meetings on behavioral sciences careers.

2023-24 Officers

President: Leanna Peterzell
Vice President: Hadley Duvall
Secretary: Lyla Khanthachack
Treasurer: Stephen Tippenhauer

Student Athletics Board 

Advisor: Otis Smith, ext. 5302. This represents all students regarding team and athletics issues, goals, and governance. Two representatives from each team are elected by team members to serve on the board. The representatives discuss support for campus events and student issues and action regarding Midway athletics and facilities.

Student Government Association (SGA)

Advisor: Student Affairs Office. The Student Government Association (SGA) serves as the coordinating and central planning body for students and as the principal medium for addressing student concerns at the campus level.  The Student Government Association plans and implements Midway University extracurricular activities, promotes the welfare of every student, ensures high ideals and conduct, and fosters a spirit of cooperation amongst faculty, administration, and the student body.


Advisors: Dr. John Delfino, ext. 5813 and Dr. Cynthia Ryder, ext. 5370. This is a society for students dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study and extending boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research. It also strives to have students gain a greater appreciation of the earth's diverse biological wealth among all people and promote an exchange of ideas and efforts aimed at insuring continued biological diversity and sustainable, healthy, human environments.

Midway Activities Council

The Midway Activities Council (MAC) is a student-led organization that seeks to provide a variety of student events and programs that reach both our Midway University and surrounding community. This student group is responsible for the planning, implementation, and promotion of campus events from social events to cultural and awareness focused programming throughout the year.  These students are role models who motivate students to get more involved in campus life.

MAC adds dimension to the Midway student experience by providing programming, offering opportunities for increased campus involvement, and assisting in the overall campus life of Midway University. Each member oversees different programming outcomes to ensure a holistic experience for Midway students.

Ruth Slack Roach Leadership-Scholarship Program

The Ruth Slack Roach (RSR) Leadership-Scholarship Program was established in 1995 by the friends and family of Ruth Slack Roach, who was an active servant-leader in Midway and the surrounding area. The program was designed to provide opportunities for students to be involved in leadership development activities and community service. In addition, the RSR Program includes two full-tuition scholarships that are given to the Ruth Slack Roach Scholars. Students who join the RSR program meet regularly to participate in leadership development activities and plan community service projects which are promoted to the entire campus. The RSR Scholars serve as student advisors to the Eagle Outreach student organization and assist the Director of Student Involvement with the development of the RSR program and with the planning and implementation of leadership activities and service projects. Students who are interested in being involved in the RSR Program should contact the Director of Student Involvement at 859.846.5399.

Student Advisory Council on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (SACDEI)

The Student Advisory Council on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (SACDEI) is comprised of a diverse group of Midway University students who represent the various identities and backgrounds of our student body. The purpose of SACDEI is to ensure student voices are heard, and to build and maintain an inclusive campus community.

The Council will meet to discuss, and address matters and concerns related to diversity, equity and inclusion that impacts student life, campus connectedness and a welcoming and inclusive campus. This Council will identify opportunities to educate the student body on topics (not limited to): diversity, ally-ship, and marginalized and underrepresented populations.

Traditional Campus Events

Midway Christmas Vespers

Held on a December evening before finals week, this is the university's Christmas celebration.

Night of Lights

A truly unique tradition, Night of Lights marks the end of the academic year with its special way of enabling friends to say farewell. Graduating students float small candles down the stream by the Path of Opportunity. Legend has it that if the candle stays aflame while passing beneath the bridge, one’s wish will come true.

Pinkerton Bell

The bell has a history as rich and proud as Midway University. Originally used to signal wake-up, meals and classes, the bell was no longer rung after 1952 when a clock and bell system was installed. In 1958 the board of trustees passed a resolution that in part declared “. . . it has rung through the years just as clearly as on that first day. It has now come into its own again and we trust that the students of the future will reverence and honor it as you do now. May it rest where it has swung since 1858 on Pinkerton Hall, and may it send out its glad tidings as long as our college exists.” Hence, the bell is now rung for any happy occasion by any member of the university community.

Pinning Ceremony

This ceremony honors nursing graduates of all levels and ADN and BSN receive their nursing pins during this event, which is held at the end of each semester.

Last updated: 10/19/2023